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New Years 2019

I know it's pretty cliché to post a New Years Resolutions list, but I want to take the time to reflect on some goals I had in 2018 and how to keep working on them into the new year. There's nothing drastic I want to change, but I have been working on setting myself up for success in all aspects of my life. I've been doing this by putting myself in places and circumstances that truly resonate with me.

Here's one example of this: Over the past year and a half I have become really passionate about working out and lifting weights. I decided that for 2019 I would become a member at a special gym in Poco to put myself in an environment where I can feel inspired and push myself to be better every day. The energy here at West Coast Iron (my new gym) is indescribable and I am surrounded by top level bodybuilders and weightlifters. This motivates me to rise to meet their vibration. I will also be around people who are very passionate about lifting and this lifestyle so by deliberately putting myself here I know I will connect people who I resonate with.

My big gym goal for 2018 was to bench 135 lbs (1 full plate per side). I unfortunately got off track with that goal when I tore my elbow ligament in September, and am stuck at a one rep max of 110 lbs currently. Instead of seeing this as a failure, I'm viewing it as an opportunity to carry this goal into the new year. I am choosing to reinterpret my disappointment with a more loving perspective. I know that with perseverance and in this new gym environment I will get there in no time!

Other objective gym goals for 2019:

- learn how to do muscle ups

- squat 200 lbs

- generally get stronger and put on as much lean muscle as I can

Another example of how I'm working to align my actions with my goals is in the way I'm working to make money. Over the past few years I've had several bartending and serving jobs which have ranged from okay to downright miserable. I have little passion for work in the hospitality industry, but I've kept at it because it's within my comfort zone. I was always hesitant to work in jiu jitsu because of my own limiting beliefs.

"If I make jiu jitsu my job it will burn me out and I won't enjoy it as much anymore."

"I want to teach adult classes but men don't want to learn from a woman and nobody will show up to my classes."

"I'm only a purple belt. There are way more qualified instructors than me."

and the list goes on...

I finally decided to just tune out those voices in my head and take a leap of faith. Over the past few months I have started teaching a women's only program at Giacomo's academy in Coquitlam, I taught the kid's program at Alliance Vancouver while Wally was away, and I even taught three nogi intermediate classes! I always made sure to be very well prepared and articulate in my instruction. I'm happy to say that people received my classes with great feedback.

For 2019, I am taking on more jiu jitsu! I will be teaching an intermediate nogi class regularly at Giacomo's on top of the women's classes, and will be taking over a teens competition class at my gym. Slowly but surely I'm lining up opportunities that fit with the life I love. It's taking me out of my comfort zone, but it turns out that doing things that you align with is way more valuable than staying comfortable.

As far as personal aspirations, things are more subjective (and pretty random). Some other short term goals include:

- Putting in my best performance at the Grand Slam in Abu Dhabi next Friday

- Giving my best effort in my online university courses that start next week (I'm going back to school part time and taking an MRI technology program)

- Surrounding myself with only uplifting and inspiring people. The doers and the dreamers!

- Improve my berimbolo and footlocks

- Go to Japan

- Look in the mirror every morning and take the time to say three things I admire about myself

- start a gratitude list

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