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Carnivore Diet

I wanted to share my carnivore journey as it is fairly different from most peoples’. I’m a professional Jiu Jitsu fighter and am the top ranked woman in Canada. I’d always eaten what most people consider to be a “healthy” diet- lots of smoothies, salads, fruit, protein bars, etc.

I was performing at a high level, but dealing with lots of digestive problems at the same time. The biggest one being SEVERE bloating that always got worse and worse throughout the day. I saw doctors and a naturopath and received a variety of diagnoses including SIBO, candida, ulcers, multiple food intolerances, inflammatory bowel disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.

None of the treatments worked and I was  extremely discouraged. I was constantly feeling heavy, lethargic, gassy, and people even thought I was pregnant because of how bloated I was.

I found some research online that showed that a carnivore diet could help with “unresolvable” gut issues so I thought I’d give it a try. My doctors and friends/family were against it so I stopped telling people what I was doing and just kept to myself.

I’m happy to say that the carnivore diet has helped me so much! I’ve been on it for about 8 months now. I try to eat a variety of meats but my favourite meals are ribeye, salmon, and bone marrow. I also feel stronger and more energetic and I am able to perform well on it as an athlete. I am very thankful to have found this way of eating!

Edit: Thank you everyone for the overwhelming responses! I shared this post in a private Facebook carnivore support group "Zeroing in On Health." The feedback has been so positive and supportive. I was hesitant to at first because I am a fairly private person, but had been mulling it over for a while and decided to finally share it!

The feedback was incredible. Many people contacted me and said they were dealing with the same problems. The post received over 900 likes and was shared on Instagram by carnivore spokesperson Dr. Shawn Baker. Several people have been asking me for my workout plans, and what meats I eat specifically in response to this post, so in future blog posts I can share all of that :)

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